Hi Emil,

Emil Ong schrieb:
> On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 08:22:19PM +0200, Michael Ludwig wrote:
>> I added -consoleLog to my eclipse.ini, but I have no idea where the
>> log is going. If it is just the console window in the IDE, there is
>> nothing special to see, just the usual Resin startup messages plus
>> additional debug info my application generates.
> Can you try running eclipse from the command line and adding the
> -consoleLog?  On Windows it's supposed to pop up a "Java console
> window", but it might not work in eclipse.ini.

No output is shown on STDERR when starting "eclipse.exe -consoleLog".
Does anyone here know how this is supposed to work?

>> But with this "in place" configuration, all I get is 404. I tried all
>> kinds of possible context paths, but none seems to work. Which is sort
>> of logical, as I don't see my application's startup blurb in the console
>> log. On the other hand, Resin mentions it (DbXml01):

>> [20:13:46.593] {main} WebApp[http://default/DbXml01] active

As per your instructions, I configured finest level logging in
and that revealed the problem. The context path /DbXml01 is accepted,
but somewhere along the way, there is a manifestation of the typical
pathname-with-spaces issue.

My %UserProfile% is in:

"C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\MiLu" - which is like:
"C:\Documents and Settings\MiLu"

And this gets split on spaces, so the resulting path is completely

{http--8099-3} real-path /gurke -> C:\Dokumente\gurke
{http--8099-3} real-path /gurke/index.jsp -> C:\Dokumente\gurke\index.jsp
{http--8099-3} real-path /gurke/index.php -> C:\Dokumente\gurke\index.php
{http--8099-3} real-path /gurke/index.html -> C:\Dokumente\gurke\index.html

So I guess you just need to quote the path at the appropriate places.

>> 20:14:59,20 C:\MILU\dev\ds
>> # netstat -p tcp -na | findstr 8099
>>    TCP               ABHĂ–REN
>>    TCP         FIN_WARTEN_2
>> The port I specified is taken into account, the address isn't.
> It's trying to open http://localhost:8099/DbXml01 and not getting
> anything?  It looks like Resin's finding the webapp, so something else
> must be the issue.

In any case it didn't find the webapp because I didn't see the webapp
startup blurb in the server log, and given the pathname issue, this is

Michael Ludwig

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