Emil Ong schrieb:
> On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 11:05:36PM +0200, Michael Ludwig wrote:

>> I get the following choices in the Resin folder of the "New Server"
>> menu:
>> * Resin 3.1
>> * Resin 3.1 (in place)
>> * Resin 4.0
>> * Resin 4.0 (hot deploy)
>> * Resin 4.0 (in place)
>> What's the difference between the three kinds?
> The "plain" versions use ant to build a .war file, then drop it into
> the Resin webapps directory for deployment. The "in place" versions
> point Resin at your workspace and runs directly from the project
> directory. "hot deploy" is the new Resin 4.0 feature that deploys
> over BAM.
> Better, more official docs are on the way...

Hi Emil, thanks for your feedback. Read on for more comments.

>> The field "Resin Home" is prefilled with "/usr/share/resin", although
>> I've set RESIN_HOME to "C:\Resin", which contains my new Resin 4.0
>> installation.
>> Okay, I can explicitly select "C:/Resin", and now error message has
>> disappeared and the "Next" and "Finish" buttons have been activated.
> Do you mean that you've set RESIN_HOME as an environment variable?  If
> so, I don't think Eclipse has any way of picking that up.  You'll need
> to set your actual Resin directory in the text field.

Yes, RESIN_HOME as an environment variable. That was just a guess.

I find it odd to have the field prefilled with a UNIX path like
/usr/share/resin on a Windows box.

>> The port I specified isn't honoured. Instead, the default port 8080
>> is used.

> The port issue is a bug then.  I've filed it here:
> http://bugs.caucho.com/view.php?id=3502


>> (2) Next in line, "Resin 4.0 (hot deploy)", picking port 8091.
>> Again, "C:/Resin" for "Resin Home", but I'm getting an exception:
>> java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/caucho/boot/ResinBoot

> I can't reproduce this.  Hot deploy _is_ broken, though in a different
> way for me.  Here's the bug for that:
> http://bugs.caucho.com/view.php?id=3503


> Looks like the config files didn't make it into the plugin for some
> reason.  I've updated it, so "plain" and "in place" should work now.

Now retesting on another machine, still Windows XP, JDK 1.6.11 and
Eclipse 3.4. The update went fine again ...

(1) "plain"

0003502: Eclipse plugin doesn't respect port - Mantis

My choice of port still isn't honoured. The settings in conf/resin.xml
are honoured. If this is the intention (why not?), then displaying
configuration choices for the user to specify address and port are
obviously misleading. An indication that resin.xml is used to configure
the server would make more sense.

I'm still seeing the same error message pop up on shutdown via the
Eclipse server shutdown button: "failed to start" (sic).

(2) "in place"

A new error message :-) - "Reference to undefined variable
resin.configuration.file". Won't start :-(

(3) "hot deploy" - not tested

Michael Ludwig

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