I am migrating from resin 2 to 4.0.22 and have a single host configured 
with a web-loadbalance tier (1 server) and an application tier (3 servers).

We have elected to do this for resilience and also to make adding hosts 
at a later date easier to implement.

We start 3 servers on the app-tier to create a "triad" but it may be 
that we only really need 2 servers to get basic failover resilience. Is 
there any benefit from having a triad or am i just wasting resources 
with the overhead of loading the same application environment 3 times?

Also each of the app-tier servers is pointing at the same webapp 
directory since they are all on the same host. Is this OK or is it 

Additionally the application is started as root and for the app tier we 
use <user> and <group> to change the user.  When we try to do the same 
thing in the web-loadbalancer tier the application fails to start. Is 
this normal/to be expected? Is it safe for the web-tier to be running as 

Thanks to those who have responded to my earlier queries.



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