Thank you Daniel

The following did the job in Resin 4 when inserted in the <web-app>

<!-- Specify per-server instance work and temp directories
            - where there are multiple Resin servers on a single
            - physical host to ensure different instances do not clash.
            - If clustering is changed to server per physical host these
            - can safely be removed -->

On 28/09/2011 16:29, Daniel López wrote:
> Hi Alan,
> Given that Resin by default creates work and tmp directories in the
> WEB-INF directory of each application, it might be risky to 3 instances
> of the application fiddling with those files, so it might be better to
> separate those directories per instance.
> I haven't done so with 4.X so I can't offer you a complete sample
> configuration file, but using:
> <temp-dir>:
> and
> <work-dir>:
> along with the ${} should do the trick.
> You might want to do something similar with the log files to distinguish
> between them, for example in Resin 3 we use something like:
> <log ...path="${resin.conf}/../../logs/resin-${}.log" ...
> so we get a log file per server.


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