Hi guys - we are pretty much done on organising the Retreat for this weekend.

The food is all ordered (thanks for the responses on food preferences), the Tipis are due to go up on Thursday. The weather looks OK, here is the link for anyone that wants to get updates before they come: http://news.bbc.co.uk/weather/forecast/308?area=SO21. We will have to walk across grass from the Tipis the conference facilities so it would be a good idea to bring waterproof jacket/umbrella and waterproof shoes just in case.

When you get to the Hursley site you will need to follow the signs to the 'Club House', it's quite well sign posted and well away from the main buildings. It would be great if everyone could make it in time for the evening meal on Friday - this will be at about 19:00. Just as a reminder - check this site for details about how to get to Hursley and other info http://sites.google.com/site/apacheretreat/home

If you are planning to come and have not signed up on the EventBrite site - please do so now :-) http://apache.eventbrite.com/. The caterers can deal with a few extra bodies but not many....

In terms of what we do for the weekend - just like always with Barcamps - I don't have a plan :-) In fact it's completely up to you. If you want to sit in a corner and code for the weekend that will be fine. If you want to play pool all weekend (yes, there is a pool table) that will be fine too. If you come prepared to talk about what you are doing that would be great.

Send any questions you have to this list, I'll be watching it and picking them up.


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