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When a user shuts down a machine (Mac or PC) during a backup, I would
expect to see an error 519 on the backup machine, but not a crash. What type
of crash is it? Does it freeze completely? Report an error?

If Retrospect is crashing, that could cause the chunk checksum failures.
I suspect that once you solve the crashing problems, the failures will go

We've also seen that if Windows 98 autodetects your Ethernet card
incorrectly, the backup Mac can see problems. Make sure the driver that has been
installed corresponds correctly to your model card. You might also see if
the manufacturer has any updated software for Win 98.

If you're getting chronic 519 (network communication failed) error
messages, consult Dantz Tech Note 415 at

As always, please contact Tech Support if you still have questions.


Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

misc-list wrote:
>We run a series of nightly backups using Retrospect 4.1A, backing up
>around 20 Mac's and 20 Win98 PC's.  Ever since the Windows backups
>were added, we've experienced occasional crashes of the backup Mac.
>Often this has been accompanied by corrupted catalogues (chunk
>checksum errors).
>After months of studying it we have found one reproducable problem:
>if someone shuts down or reboots one of the Win98 PC's while it is
>being backed up, the backup Mac will often crash.  We also have other
>problems backing up the Windows boxes, with network communications
>failures on different slower PC's regularly.  At first some of PC's
>were Win95 so we thought that was part of the problem.  But we've
>now upgraded all of them to Win98 and the symptoms are still occuring.
>There are no other network related problems on these boxes; we
>use file sharing fine and uses regularly utilize Netscape to access
>the 'net over tcp/ip connections through a router.  All is fine there.
>In summary:  has anyone experienced problems with Mac crashes when
>backing up Win98 PC's and/or regular "network communications failed"
>and/or "chunk checksum errors"?  Thanks!
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