I might just be missing this but...

Let's say I have 10 users who I backup every night at 10pm.  Now Jane forgets and 
shuts down her computer.  When the backup runs it reports this as an error as it 
should. Unfortunately with a large group I always have someone who shuts their 
computer down. When I read the log or get the email on the status, it shows as an 
error condition.

What I would like to be able to do is to set Jane's computer to do it's backup once a 
day, but as long as it is backed up every say 5 days, I don't want to see it as an 
error. Now on John's computer I would have his set to give an error if it is not 
backed up each day!

This would allow me to effectively use the emails and allow me to worry when I see an 
error flagged. As it is I always have errors.

Is it me or is there some better way then I know.


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