>So how are we doing? Better?

No! I still have not gotten a response to my REAL problem, just alot 
of discussion on the manuals. =-) The problem went away but I am 
curious as to what would have caused it...

At 8:51 AM -0800 1/10/00, Travis Morgan wrote:
>   I had an error this morning that I have never seen before. There 
>was a dialog box in front of the Retrospect window that said the 
>Trouble in Retrospect:
>Internal Consistency Check Failed:
>Assertion Check at "elem.c-811"
> <and one button that says "Quit">
>When I clicked quit, Retrospect was still up and the script sent out 
>email. I looked this up in the manual and found nothing in regards 
>to this. I quit Retrospect and launched it and then checked media 
>and everything is OK. One thing that has changed that may have 
>affected this is the Eliant 820 Exabyte drive that was in there died 
>last week and last night was the first time it used this new drive 
>(the old and new drive are both Eliant 820's). The backup did go 
>about 1/2 way through all the clients.

Travis Morgan
Macintosh Systems Administrator/Webmaster

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