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Retrospect list folks,
Right now we are operating multiple Mac Retrospect 4.2 servers. We need to expand and would like to purchase the NT 5.0 version. Anyone working with a mixed enviorment? Eventually the Macs will be retired but for now I plan for one mac to handle all the licences and split up the load between remaining mixed platforms. If you've done this - any gotchas I should be looking for?

Regardless of the platform that you choose for your Server, it will backup Macintosh and Windows machines alike, including all files, and security. We are keeping our Macintosh systems for as long as we can, upgrading when necessary.

We are using the Windows 2000 operating system as early adopters. We have successfully tested and put into production the backup of many Windows 2000 machines using both the Retrospect Server 5.0 for Windows and Retrospect Server 4.2 for Macintosh. The latest Windows and Macintosh clients work flawlessly as well.

Just shows how well Macintosh and Windows applications and services shared between them can be co-developed and produce magnificent results.

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