I have all my client's html in individual site folders within a one big
folder called 0.html

I only want to back up certain of those client folders. Some are developed
in house, and so they already have backups on the development machine(s)
and some clients don't want or don't want to pay for back-up.

In any event... you get the idea.

The way I have this set-up now is that I set each client folder (about 10
of them) that I want to backup to a certain color and have configured
0.html as a subvolume.

When the RS script runs, it scans every folder and every file in the 0.html
folder even though only about 1/3 of them are candidates for back-up.

I want to do this with less scanning time, so I though I could set up a
second folder called "ToBeBackedUp", amde it a subvolume and put in an
alias to the actual folder that I want to back up. This doesn't work
because it want to back-up the alias and not the actual files.

Short of making a subvolume for each client folder and doing 10 backups in
a row, is there any other way to do this?


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