Quoting Malcolm McLeary ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):
> Have a look at;
>      http://www.fadden.com/cdrfaq/

Andy's FAQ is great, as is Mike's.  You can find links to both of them at

http://www.cdrcentral.com/community/ is a pretty good resource in general.  Remember
that not all drives will support all the packet writing needs of everyone's favorite
backup solution :-)

At the moment the Imation 8x20 is an unbelievable value.  It uses the Plextor 8x20
mechanism and is available for $200 at Best Buy.  It was available at CompUSA for 
$149 after rebate for a few days.  See 
Maybe the price will drop again.

For more info on Plextor, and other, mechanisms read EMedia at 
http://www.emedialive.com/  Those
guys know (and care) more about CDR than is healthy.

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