I have the same problem on a similar config; I have no correct backup of my CMD 105 gb 
Raid drive: the ASIP/retrospect server running on a 8600/250/ w/ G3 Newertech card 
freezes after a few files are backed up... However there is no "hard freeze"; the asip 
server simply doesn't respond but the mouse/keybord is active. The asip version is 
Another element: I have exactly the same configuration running another ASIP server 
that has no problem doing incremental backups every day.
Serge Paulus
Microscript s.a.
51 rue du Poinçon
B-1000 Bruxelles

On jeudi 10 février 2000, Craig Gaevert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>2 weeks ago I brought my ASIP server (6.2) down for some basic
>maintenance - Techtool Pro (2.5.3) and a desktop rebuild - and brought
>it right back up.  This server had been up for about three months with
>no problems.  Everything looked ok.  But ever since this time trying to
>back up the server with Retro from my desktop machine causes the ASIP
>server to freeze hard.  By freeze hard I mean that it will cause the
>server to drop into MacsBug but MacsBug will not write a StdLog file.
>This machine will run all day with NT boxes and Macs hitting it with no
>problem but as soon as Retro starts to harvest files it's gone.  This
>machine also hosts FMP Server and has done so without a hitch for about
>5 years.
>The specs:
>8550 w/ Newer G3 card
>184 mb ram
>2 - 4gb drives
>My suspicion is that the G3 card doesn't like sustained transfers all of
>a sudden and I am going to experiment with swapping back in the 604e
>card to see if I can achieve the same result.  If so then I'd say it's
>bad ram.  Thoughts?
>Craig Gaevert, A.I.A.
>Architect / Associate / Systems Administrator
>TLCD Architecture
>Santa Rosa, CA

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