>I have the same problem on a similar config; I have no correct backup of
>my CMD 105 gb Raid drive: the ASIP/retrospect server running on a
>8600/250/ w/ G3 Newertech card freezes after a few files are backed up...
>However there is no "hard freeze"; the asip server simply doesn't respond
>but the mouse/keybord is active. The asip version is 6.1.
>Another element: I have exactly the same configuration running another
>ASIP server that has no problem doing incremental backups every day.

Here's a suggestion, if you haven't done so already.
Try setting the retro client to background backups at something other than
full priority to the backup.

Also check the memory reserved by ASIP cache for other applications.  I'm
not sure how much the client needs, but give it a wide berth and see what

Hope this helps.

Philip Chonacky, IS Manager
Barrett Companies
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