Well, I got around to investigating my problems with this machine this weekend.  It 
turned out to be either a bad sector or just corrupt files.  While making a backup 
copy of the files, the machine continued to seize whenever it hit on of the corrupt 
files (endless restarts), but once all were copied, a reformat of the drive and 
of the data has resulted in a functional machine and smooth backup.  Thanks to all who 
offered suggestions.

Serge Paulus wrote:

> I have the same problem on a similar config; I have no correct backup of my CMD 105 
>gb Raid drive: the ASIP/retrospect server running on a 8600/250/ w/ G3 Newertech card 
>freezes after a few files are backed up... However there is no "hard freeze"; the 
>asip server simply doesn't respond but the mouse/keybord is active. The asip version 
>is 6.1.
> Another element: I have exactly the same configuration running another ASIP server 
>that has no problem doing incremental backups every day.
> --
> Serge Paulus
> On jeudi 10 février 2000, Craig Gaevert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >snip>.  But ever since this time trying to
> >back up the server with Retro from my desktop machine causes the ASIP
> >server to freeze hard.  By freeze hard I mean that it will cause the
> >server to drop into MacsBug but MacsBug will not write a StdLog file.

Craig Gaevert, A.I.A.
TLCD Architecture
Santa Rosa, CA


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