Apologies that I'm responding to this post from a long time ago, but 
I've been busy.

Retrospect will cause ASIP to choke when it tries backing up files 
with corrupt resources.  If you find any such files with corrupt 
resources, try to repair them with ResEdit and/or trash them.  The 
crashes aren't always triggered immediately, either.  It can take a 
number of minutes after the backup completes.

Eric Zylstra

>Well, I got around to investigating my problems with this machine 
>this weekend.  It turned out to be either a bad sector or just 
>corrupt files.  While making a backup copy of the files, the machine 
>continued to seize whenever it hit on of the corrupt files (endless 
>restarts), but once all were copied, a reformat of the drive and 
>of the data has resulted in a functional machine and smooth backup. 
>Thanks to all who offered suggestions.
>Serge Paulus wrote:
>  > I have the same problem on a similar config; I have no correct 
>backup of my CMD 105 gb Raid drive: the ASIP/retrospect server 
>running on a 8600/250/ w/ G3 Newertech card freezes after a few 
>files are backed up... However there is no "hard freeze"; the asip 
>server simply doesn't respond but the mouse/keybord is active. The 
>asip version is 6.1.
>  > Another element: I have exactly the same configuration running 
>another ASIP server that has no problem doing incremental backups 
>every day.
>  > --
>  > Serge Paulus
>  >
>  > On jeudi 10 février 2000, Craig Gaevert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  > >snip>.  But ever since this time trying to
>  > >back up the server with Retro from my desktop machine causes the ASIP
>  > >server to freeze hard.  By freeze hard I mean that it will cause the
>  > >server to drop into MacsBug but MacsBug will not write a StdLog file.
>Craig Gaevert, A.I.A.

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