2 weeks ago I brought my ASIP server (6.2) down for some basic
maintenance - Techtool Pro (2.5.3) and a desktop rebuild - and brought
it right back up.  This server had been up for about three months with
no problems.  Everything looked ok.  But ever since this time trying to
back up the server with Retro from my desktop machine causes the ASIP
server to freeze hard.  By freeze hard I mean that it will cause the
server to drop into MacsBug but MacsBug will not write a StdLog file.
This machine will run all day with NT boxes and Macs hitting it with no
problem but as soon as Retro starts to harvest files it's gone.  This
machine also hosts FMP Server and has done so without a hitch for about
5 years.

The specs:
8550 w/ Newer G3 card
184 mb ram
2 - 4gb drives

My suspicion is that the G3 card doesn't like sustained transfers all of
a sudden and I am going to experiment with swapping back in the 604e
card to see if I can achieve the same result.  If so then I'd say it's
bad ram.  Thoughts?

Craig Gaevert, A.I.A.
Architect / Associate / Systems Administrator
TLCD Architecture
Santa Rosa, CA

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