Hi, I'm someone who has wasted days being 'burned' (wrong firmware? bad
drivers? bad IDs? tried lots of brands of media) trying to get two
different external SCSI CDRW drives to work with both Toast and Retrospect
on my PowerPC.  I'm returning both and before I spend more of my time and
money, I'd love to know of someone who can tell me of any external SCSI
CDRW that they know from experience really works with both these programs
(and where they bought it so I am more likely to get a drive with the same
firmware).  The Dantz help line person was very helpful but said that she
couldn't confirm any drives that definitely work - they just hear about the
ones that people are having trouble with.  I know it must be difficult, but
it does seem that Dantz is not keeping up with writing new drivers - a lot
of the models that they have drivers for are no longer available and they
don't have drivers for many (most?) of the new drives that I have looked at
(that includes their driver updates).

Thanks and best wishes,


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