>What CD_RW media are preferable to use for backup purposes?
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>Jan Peelaerts
>Wochterberg 33
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I used to use Kodak with no problems ever and only switched to Sony
to satisfy tech support at APS and Dantz when I had to run MANY tests
on a Yamaha 6416 to find out why it kept failing in mid-backup.

PS - the 6416 is still unreliable with the rev 1.0c firmwear.  Also,
I've heard but can't confirm, that the problem has spread to the 4416
with it's latest firmwear release.

According to a source at Yamaha...

"We epect to have the offical release posted on our web site in the
next few weeks."

... considering that they said  "the next few weeks" 5 weeks ago,
I'm not holding my breath... :-)

It's sad to see Yamaha having such problems with this...  it's been
going on for over 6 months... I could recommend a few good consultants
if they really wanted it fixed...

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