> Hi, I'm someone who has wasted days being 'burned' (wrong firmware? bad
> drivers? bad IDs? tried lots of brands of media) trying to get two
> different external SCSI CDRW drives to work with both Toast and Retrospect
> on my PowerPC.  I'm returning both and before I spend more of my time and
> money, I'd love to know of someone who can tell me of any external SCSI
> CDRW that they know from experience really works with both these programs
> (and where they bought it so I am more likely to get a drive with the same

A drive based on the Yamaha 4416 mechanism works with no problem. I got
mine from APSTech a year ago, hung it on my G3, and it's been working
since then. The only problems I've had were due to cheap CDRW media, but
what can you expect at 5 for $5.

Dr. Julian "a tribble took it " Gomez
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