Hello all,

Most of you probably know about the recent ongoing problems with Yamaha
CRW6416 and CRW4416 CD-RW drives. The bug will cause the drive to
intermittently return error 100 or ­100 (device rejected command) when used
with Retrospect or Retrospect Express on slower Macintosh and PC models. We
are pleased to report that these problems have been fixed with the latest
version of Yamahašs firmware for each drive.

If you have not yet been personally notified of this solution via e-mail,
please send an e-mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] to be sent the updated
firmware. You will also need to download a "flasher" utility from Yamaha's
website. All details will be included in a letter accompanying the firmware

Yamaha is still working on fixing the firmware. However, they have agreed to
allow Dantz to distribute a beta firmware version to its customers reporting
problems. Dantz has tested this beta firmware and found that it fixes the
error 100 problems.

Please keep in mind that this is beta firmware and Dantz cannot accept
responsibility for any unforeseen problems.

When Yamaha has posted the official firmware release, we will notify the
list with the appropriate URL.

If you have any trouble using the firmware update or questions about it,
please contact Yamaha at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

If you have problems with Retrospect after applying the firmware update or
have any other Retrospect questions, please contact Dantz Technical Support
at 925.253.3050 or at [EMAIL PROTECTED]


Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

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