Technically, OT *does* support more than one NIC. It's just the user
interface to do this hasn't been implemented yet. Since IPNetRouter and
Vicom's SoftRouter both use OT, it would have to. (and a little perusal of
the developer docs show that indeed it does. What needs to be changed are
things like the TCP/IP control panel.


On 05/29/2000 11:53, "Pat Lee" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Open Transport, the Macintosh networking architecture, does not support
> multi-link multihoming with TCP/IP. This means that applications will use
> bind to the IP address set in the TCP/IP control panel for the primary NIC
> card. Since you are using your primary NIC/interface to access your cable
> modem, it is going to bind to it.

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