Problem: client on a mac is not being seen by RDB as being in the local 

I've got a mac 8500 with 2 ethernet cards. One is connected to a cable 
modem with a DHCP assigned ip addr (eg: The second enet card 
is on addr (my local subnet).. I run IPNetRouter on the mac to 
route local traffic to the ethernet(ip masquerading).  From my win2k 
machine I can back up the other macs and pcs in the local subnet. However 
retrospect client on the 8500 is listening on the addr in the tcp/ip 
control panel (the 24.xx addr), so its not in the subnet..

Is there anyway to tell retrospect client on the mac to listen to (the other enet board?)?
I've tried port mapping to map port 497 such that when retrospect on the 
win2k box accesses a client on its mapped to and vice versa, but this hasnt worked. I see that the 8500 
client opens a socket on port 497 to the win2k box, but I still get the msg 
that there is no client on

Short of purchasing a license for "client networking" does anyone know of a 
solution to this?

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