I have an interesting situation on one of my client macs.  It is a 
blue&white G3 with a 10/100 card built-in.  The backup machine is a 
beige G3, 266 MHz, backing up to an Exabyte 8mm tape drive, networked 
via an Asante 10/100 PCI card.

Using the "info" box on the client G3 when using TCP/IP the speed is 
something like 80-100 Kb/sec, while changing to Appletalk I get 
around 800-1000 Kb/sec (approximate 10 fold increase).

My understanding was that appletalk was a "lesser" connection 
protocol as compared to TCP/IP.

The network system is Cat 5 (or 6) wiring, and I know that several 
other macs, including another blue&white G3 (communicating at 
4500-7000 Kb/sec), are supporting and running at 100 Mb.

We are still checking the ports and all for that Mac, but I'm still 
curious about the difference between appletalk and TCP/IP.


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