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> I have FileMaker Pro "client" running on an NT server. The client
> hosts several databases that are always open.
> Does anyone know a way to script this app to close and re-open so
> Retrospect client can do its stuff?

A couple of options ...

If Retrospect 5.1 is running on the same machine you can trigger an external
script to run before and after the backup.  The script would simply tell FMP
to open another .fp3 file.  These new .fp3 files will have "on open" scripts
which either exit application (i.e. close files) or open all the required
files (i.e. re-open).

If Retrospect 5.1 is not running on the same machine you could use the NT
Schedule service to exercise the same command procedures described above at
COB and SOB.

If you don't want to use the Scheduler you could install a Waves in Motion
plug-in which allows FMP to run scripts on a schedule.  You could then open
and close all the files (except the schedule file) at appropriate times.

If the database has to run 24 x 7, you could write a FMP script which does a
"save as" of each of the files, then backup the copies instead of the real

Cheers,  Malcolm
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