Most apps (but not all I've found) respond to -q.  So you can use the AT 
command scheduler (included in the NT Resource kit:  Start Menu>Program 
Files>Resource Kit 4.0>Configuration>Command Scheduler) to make a command 
that specifies the path to filemaker and give it the -q command:

c:\Program Files\FileMakerPro\fmp.exe -q

I don't really know that FileMaker is called fmp.exe in Windows, but you 
get the idea.  And some apps have their own wierd commands that are sort 
of non-standard that allow you to do all sorts of things from the command 
prompt.  I dunno about FileMaker but I'd try just entering this in the 
command shell to see if it works.  If it does, you can script it with the 
command scheduler.

Another thing you could do is to set up FileMaker as a service.  Use 
srvany.exe to do this.  Again this is included in the NT Resource kit - 
there are some easy to follow instructions to do this in a read me 
included with it.  The cool thing about this method is that you can have 
FileMaker start as a service and open up databases automatically at 
startup whether anyone logs in or not.

And services can be scheduled to start and stop in the AT command 
scheduler using the NETSVC command which does work with everything:

NETSVC yourservicename  \\yourcomputer \stop

We have Faircom running on NT and this is exactly how we back it up with 
retrospect.  We stop the service, retrospect backs everything up around 
2am.  Then at 5am, we have an AT command run that restarts the server. And 
when the server restarts, Faircom loads as a service.

Now whatever method you end up using to get fmp to stop, I can't stress 
how important it is to test a restore after you do a backup.  I don't know 
what effect this would have on any open databases. 

Mark Maytum
Pompanoosuc Mills Corporation

05/16/00 10:35 PM
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I have FileMaker Pro "client" running on an NT server. The client 
hosts several databases that are always open.

Does anyone know a way to script this app to close and re-open so 
Retrospect client can do its stuff?



Noah M. Eiger
Manager of Information Systems
Mother Jones Magazine / Foundation for National Progress
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