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> Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 19:35:25 -0700
> Subject: Shuting Down NT Apps
> Hello:
> I have FileMaker Pro "client" running on an NT server. The client
> hosts several databases that are always open.
> Does anyone know a way to script this app to close and re-open so
> Retrospect client can do its stuff?
> thanks

This is what we do...

Run SERVER on the NT box (much faster). The NT box is NOT NT Server but
workstation. RRunning FMPro  for serving on any box running server (Mac or
NT) slow everything down a ton

Get NT schedule to close fmpro then duplicate the databases to another
folder (preferably on a different drive for safety) then open the databases
again (this is how Filemaker recommend doing it. on the other hand you could
get the mac verasion which does all this for you)

This happens 3 times a day to a morning, afternoon and evening folder

Then the retrospect server (on a mac)

1. backs up the 3 folders on the nt server (as they are copies they are not
in use) to AIT in the evening
2. duplicates the folders to a completely different machine (mac server)

end result

easily accessible copies no more than 3 hours old on the nt box
easily accessible copies no more than 24 hours old on the mac box
full history of the database on AIT

Paranoid but it all works seamlessly with no problems

Robin Bateman

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