I have been able to install the apps and get a new test service to 
run. My test service was to launch Notepad.exe. However, when I try 
to load a file created in Notepad (e.g., mydoc.txt), I get the 
following error:

"Could not start test serive in \\NT SERVER. Error 2140: An internal 
Windows NT error occcurred."

I can (and will) search the MSKB for that error. However, I was 
wondering if anyone knows off hand if you can "run" a document (as 
opposed to an application) as a service?


P.S. Anyone who needs the files srvany.exe and instsrv.exe can get 
them at http://www.pyeung.com/userdefinedservice.html


Noah M. Eiger
Manager of Information Systems
Mother Jones Magazine / Foundation for National Progress
415-665-6637 x.204


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