on 1/6/2000 1:09 PM, Craig Isaacs at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> That's a good request, Matthew.
> Thanks.
> One thing to note: it's OK if the backup is interrupted. The next time the
> notebook shows up on the network, Retrospect only copies what it doesn't
> already have.
> If the user wants to see if the backup is still happening (not how much is
> left -- sorry), s/he can open the client control panel to see if it's "In
> Use".

Cheers for that.

I am trying to make the backups as "Management Proof" as possible. <insert
rim shot here>

Oh while I am at it, I would like to stick my hand up for client program (at
least) for MacOS X Server. We use MOSX for our Mac Manager server and ASIP
for the file server. We only use ASIP because Retrospect is not available
for MOSX :P


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