At 12:52 +0800 6/1/00, Matthew Healey wrote:
> > I have just installed Retro in our network to backup our servers and the
> > directors Powerbook G3 500's. Everything works perfectly and the powerbook
> > backups over Airport are a network admins dream!. Good job Guys!
> >
> > What I did want to know though, is it possible to show a progress 
>bar on the
> > clients as they are getting backed up? I have had to set the client backups
> > to run in the for ground because I ran into the problem of the 
>laptops being
> > taken offsite while the the backups were in progress.

At 22:09 -0700 5/31/00, Craig Isaacs wrote:
>That's a good request, Matthew.
>One thing to note: it's OK if the backup is interrupted. The next time the
>notebook shows up on the network, Retrospect only copies what it doesn't
>already have.

What about the compare?  One of Retrospects strengths is that, in an
uninterrupted backup, it compares what has been written to what is on
the drive which will catch certain SCSI problems, among other things...

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