>To use it, copy it to the Mac that uses Location Manager.  Open Location
>Manager and change the location in the Edit Location pop-up menu to whatever
>location uses Ethernet.  Click the Auto-Open Items box in the Settings
>window.  In the resulting window, navigate to the "P031 Toggle Client"
>AppleScript and click the Add Item button and then the Apply button.  Now
>every time you switch to this location, the AppleScript will automatically
>run and turn the Client off and then on, forcing the Retrospect Client to
>connect to the network.

I've had this (opening client, turning off, closing, opening again, 
turning on, closing) work before when the status of the client said 
"Disconnected", but this technique will not work when it says "Waiting 
for TCP/IP". It just keeps saying that. This also doesn't have to do with 
PPP specifically. I'm usually coming from the following: Airport or 
Ethernet at the office, or Ethernet at a client site; I'm connecting to 
Ethernet at home. Usually I don't have the problem, but sometimes it 
rears its ugly head and my only solution is to restart. Anyway, since it 
doesn't seem to be a completely resolved issue, I'll keep testing and see 
what I can figure out... Any other input is welcome.


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