I also don't ever use PPP.  I go between wireless Ethernet and 10/100 Ethernet (with 
either DHCP or static).  I haven't seen a pattern and have occasionally had the 
"Waiting for TCP/IP".

On 06/23/2000 somewhere around the time of 15:25 -0500, Fred Turner, III spoke about 
"Re: "Waiting for TCP/IP"?":

> >To use it, copy it to the Mac that uses Location Manager.  Open Location
>>Manager and change the location in the Edit Location pop-up menu to whatever
>>location uses Ethernet.  Click the Auto-Open Items box in the Settings
>>window.  In the resulting window, navigate to the "P031 Toggle Client"
>>AppleScript and click the Add Item button and then the Apply button.  Now
>>every time you switch to this location, the AppleScript will automatically
>>run and turn the Client off and then on, forcing the Retrospect Client to
>>connect to the network.
>I've had this (opening client, turning off, closing, opening again,
>turning on, closing) work before when the status of the client said
>"Disconnected", but this technique will not work when it says "Waiting
>for TCP/IP". It just keeps saying that. This also doesn't have to do with
>PPP specifically. I'm usually coming from the following: Airport or
>Ethernet at the office, or Ethernet at a client site; I'm connecting to
>Ethernet at home. Usually I don't have the problem, but sometimes it
>rears its ugly head and my only solution is to restart. Anyway, since it
>doesn't seem to be a completely resolved issue, I'll keep testing and see
>what I can figure out... Any other input is welcome.


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