On 07/12/2000 somewhere around the time of 10:36 +0200, jakob krabbe spoke about "slow 

>Why do I get only 55 - 60 MB/min and not faster?
>The server is a G3 at 233 MHz with a 100 MBit card and the client is a new
>G4 at 400 MHz.
>I'm using the VXA tapes and maybe I'm missing some of the settings. I did
>click the software compression checkbox but maybe that's unessesary.
>I have the DES encryption, maybe that type of encryption is slowing
>everything down...??
>Anyone hwo is able to crack into a 128 Bit encryption would probably find
>the info at our company extremely unuseful...
>Maybe it would be better haveing a lighter encryption for all the
>workstations... We're an advertisement agency and there is no point in
>protecting EPS images with 128 Bit encryption...

If I remember correctly, software compression is slower than if the drive supports 
hardware compression.  However I don't remember if there is still an issue about 
software vs. hardware compression and using the tapes in different drives.

The biggest wammy will be the encryption.  I'd take the encryption off just to see 
what type of speed improvement you get and go from there.  You could always put it at 
some low encryption to keep the casual "nosy" person from checking out your stuff but 
if someone really wanted at your stuff they could get it.  The question is, how 
important is your data AND how easy is it to get it through "other" methods such as 
just accessing the computer that has it AND are you willing to have that type of loss 
of speed for protection that may not be worth it.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Ryan La Riviere

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