With all this talk of compression, speed, different drives, etc., 
would it be possible for someone at Dantz to set up a database that 
Retrospect users could contribute to with the purpose of documenting 
the different systems and their performance?

At a minimum, it could include backup computer type, backup device 
used, connection type (SCSI, USB, Firewire), typical backup speeds as 
reported in the log file, and most importantly, footnotes to 
problems/solutions that people have tried or used to improve their 
own backup.

As an example, I'm currently fighting the problem of several backup 
clients which run faster via Appletalk than TCP/IP.  Also, I'd like 
to know, as someone else mentioned, would it be advantageous to get a 
SCSI-2 or SCSI-3 card, or am I limited by the speed of the backup 
device itself?

Just my $0.02.

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