Thank you for the advice.

I have another question however. I assume that Appleshare lockout works with
the appleshare clients. Is this functionality still realized using Mac
Manager? We have another small site that is interested in automating their
backup procedure.

Thanks again.

> The "if it ain't broke don't fix it" saying definitely applies in this case.
> Retrospect is completely compatible with AppleShare. It's just when you have
> a server that's being slammed and a Retrospect backup happening at the same
> time that things can get dicey. If this is working for you, don't change it.
> Also, one more thing. The AppleShare lockout feature is NOT the same thing
> as shutting down AppleShare. The AppleShare lockout feature (accessible in
> the Options of your backup script) automatically logs out users before local
> server volume backups. AppleShare is still running. Something extremely
> important to note is that to get a good backup of your AppleShare server,
> AppleShare MUST be running. Otherwise you will not be backing up the access
> privileges.
> Feel free to call us should you have any other questions.
> Regards,
> Matthew Tevenan
> Technical Support Specialist
> Dantz Development Corporation
> 925.253.3050 

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