Hi folks.

I'm still the newby I was a few days ago, so maybe I'm just not
getting something here.

A very strange thing happened.  I have a file that does not show
up in the browser window when I check a selector, but that shows
up in the actual backup that uses that very same selector(as
verified by looking at what shows up under Restore) .

(The numbers bear me out, too.  Checking the selector shows 551
files in the count; "simulating" a restore shows 552 files.)
The selector is:

 Windows file or folder path exactly matches
      C:\Program Files\Agent\
 Windows file or folder path exactly matches
      C:\Program Files\Agent\Acct1\
  Windows file or folder path exactly matches
      C:\Program Files\Agent\temp\

and it works fine, except when I "simulate" a restore (so as to
sneak a a peek at what actually got backed up), it shows the
following file in there (filename split here over 2 lines so as
to avoid the arbitrary wordwrap):

   "C:\ftp\incoming\yet to be installed\shareware and freeware\
   Agent v1.6\manual for v1.5\agtman15.pdf"

I can't for the life of me see how that file meets my Include
statement's condition.  What's going on here?

[By the way, abject newby that I am, I actually have a handful
of other questions (that I can't find answers to in the user's
guide), as well.  Is it okay to post them here? I don't want to
flood the mailing list with my really basic beginner's questions
if it's inappropriate to do so, but at the same time they are
about things I just don't get about Retrospect and would love to
find answers to. Thanks.]

Steve LaMantia
Seattle, WA

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