I have a client with Retrospect 4.3 on a G3 (OS 9.04) and we're running Backup Server 
to weekly rotating DAT tape sets. There are around 25 clients.

I have a problem that some clients display "Source" in the BS window. The manual 
states that this means the "Backup Server cannot find the source volume".

I have checked the clients in question and made sure that I can see them across the 
network, can sync their clocks, and can see the volumes and subvolumes to be be backed 
up. On restarting BS I still get "Source" on some machines as the server polls the 

A related problem that I have seen mentioned here is this: we have a standard folder 
structure that uses a Work folder (actually a 0_Work) folder as the target subvolume. 
These all show up in BS as 0_Work - so how do you know which machine is being backed 
up - or in my case, not being backed up?

I know I can look at the storageset contents later, but standard folder naming means 
that the BS window is completely uninformative - which is not useful with 20+ clients.

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