At 8:27 AM +0200 8/18/00, jakob krabbe wrote:
>I started a script manually of all our computers yesterday and it took 6
>1/2 hours to complete. I watched it all the time and got shure everything
>was right. So I had high expectations for the automatic script at night,
>the log included below.
>The first computer was turned off but the second was on and has for the
>past 1 1/2 years never made any headache. When the PC didn't respond, why
>didn't it move on to the next computer? There are a total of 14
>volumes/folders/computers that are backed up and they worked during the day.

>-      2000-08-17 22.00.26: Copying Arbeten on PC_01
>       2000-08-17 22.00.26: Connected to PC_01
>       Media Request timeout after waiting 00.30.00
>       2000-08-17 22.30.57: Execution incomplete
>               Remaining: 8383 files, 1,8 GB
>               Completed: 0 files, zero KB
>               Performance: 0,0 MB/minute
>               Duration: 00.30.31 (00.30.14 idle/loading/preparing)
>       2000-08-17 22.30.58: Execution incomplete
>       Total duration: 00.30.31 (00.30.14 idle/loading/preparing)
>       Quit at 2000-08-17 22.31

Jakob, the third line in the log above was generated after Retrospect
waited for the correct backup media, ie tape, CD-R, whatever.  So the tape
"4 - thursday"  was not in the drive.  If you do a recycle backup to any
storageset, the corresponding member (media) of that storageset, or a blank
media, must be loaded in the backup device.


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