>Neither process worked, so I'm at a loss as to exactly how this 
>SHOULD be done. Can someone give me sorta a step-by-step of what I'm 
>doing wrong? Unless I'm blind as well, I don't see any "simple 
>walkthrough" in the manual. :(

Hi Derek,

This really does work...honest. Before I would conjecture on what's 
happening at your site I'd like to ask you some questions. 

1) what does the log say?
2) do you have any error messages in modal/non-modal boxes (like backup 
failed with error "blah blah blah")?
3) did you save the scripts?
4) is your date/time correct? (you might want to go to Automated>Check to 
make sure your script is ready and Automated>Preview to see when the next 
script is scheduled to run)
5) do you have media in your drive and is it turned on?

P.S. The walkthrough starts on page 57 ("Creating the Script") of the 
manual and moves into "Executing the Script" further on.

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