At 9:11 PM -0500 8/20/00, Pam Lefkowitz wrote:
>1) what does the log say?

Aboslutely nothing (well, it shows the times that I started the 
software, quit the software, etc., but nothing related to the 
automated backup)

>2) do you have any error messages in modal/non-modal boxes (like backup
>failed with error "blah blah blah")?


>3) did you save the scripts?


>4) is your date/time correct? (you might want to go to Automated>Check to
>make sure your script is ready and Automated>Preview to see when the next
>script is scheduled to run)

Date and time is correct (sync'ed via NTP)

I deleted my existing easyscript and have started a new one that is, 
according to preview and check, ready to go tonight at 10pm. (20 mins 
from now).

Does any one beside me find it odd that "backup every day" in 
easyscript doesn't seem to include weekends? (which was probably my 
problem last night, so i created a simpler script for this evening 
telling it to back up weekly on sunday nights.)

>5) do you have media in your drive and is it turned on?



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