Hi Derek,

There are a few factors that may be preventing your scripts for running, in
addition to the suggestions already offered.

If Retrospect is no longer autolaunching, first verify that you've got it
set to automatically launch. Go to Special>Preferences from the Retrospect
Directory and click Notification. Is "Autolaunch Retrospect" checked?

Does Retrospect try to run a script right after you start it, but not at the
specified time? If not, verify that your script is scheduled correctly. Go
to Automate>Preview from the Retrospect Directory. Are there scripts
scheduled to run? If there are, is the top one scheduled to run soon (as
opposed to months or years in the future)? If it is scheduled to run some
time in the future, you may have deferred execution of the script. Change
this by editing your script.

If there are no scripts scheduled to run, you need to reschedule your
scripts. Go to Automate>Scripts from the Retrospect Directory to do this.

If Retrospect tries to run a script right after you launch the program,
Retro.Startup, may be damaged. Replace it by doing the following: quit
Retrospect, trash Retro.Startup, restart the computer, launch and quit
Retrospect, then restart the Mac again. This will produce a fresh copy of

Also, if you are running Mac OS 9 and have Multiple Users turned on,
Retrospect will not automatically launch. For a full Mac OS 9 compatibility
statement, please go to


If your script still isn't running, it may be time to give tech support a
call when you can be in front of your computer.

Best Regards,

Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

on 8/20/00 8:48 AM, Derek J. Balling at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> OK, I'm running Retrospect 4.3 on my Mac, and I cannot, for the LIFE
> of me, get automated scripts to run.
> I guess I might just be confused on how this is "supposed" to work,
> so I'll describe what I'm doing, and hopefully someone can tell me
> which part of it is wrong. ;-)
> [ First, I've confirmed that Retro.Startup is in the extensions
> folder, as I know this is a common source of problems]
> I have created a scheduled-backup script, for 00:15 every morning.
> I have tried:
> (a) quitting Retrospect, thinking that some automated process would
> start Retrospect back up after midnight to start up the backup
> (b) left Retrospect running (running idle, but running) all day, so
> that hopefully at 12:15am, it would wake up and start the backup
> process.
> Neither process worked, so I'm at a loss as to exactly how this
> SHOULD be done. Can someone give me sorta a step-by-step of what I'm
> doing wrong? Unless I'm blind as well, I don't see any "simple
> walkthrough" in the manual. :(
> D
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