Also have you:

1) Restarted the computer? This must be done at least once after you
first setup an automated run. I've run into this were computers tend to
be left on 24/7.

2) Have you looked at the preview so see what retrospect thinks should
be happening?

> > This really does work...honest. Before I would conjecture on what's
> > happening at your site I'd like to ask you some questions.
> >
> > Like:
> > 1) what does the log say?
> > 2) do you have any error messages in modal/non-modal boxes (like backup
> > failed with error "blah blah blah")?
> > 3) did you save the scripts?
> > 4) is your date/time correct? (you might want to go to Automated>Check to
> > make sure your script is ready and Automated>Preview to see when the next
> > script is scheduled to run)
> > 5) do you have media in your drive and is it turned on?
> >
> > Pam
> > P.S. The walkthrough starts on page 57 ("Creating the Script") of the
> > manual and moves into "Executing the Script" further on.
> It may also be useful to manually run the script to make sure it works
> (assuming you did go to Automate>Scripts and save a script).

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