Hi all,

We've got a APS DDS4 (Sony SDT-10000) that eats a tape every month or 
so. It's been back to APS once and I thought it was fixed, but today 

When it eats one, it will eject the tape, but but a loop of the tape 
will still be inside the drive. One thing I just noticed is that even 
when it ejects a tape properly, the door on the tape cartridge is 
still partially retracted, and doesn't fully close until you remove 
the tape. This is different than the DDS2 drive we have and seems 

The drive in question is running Retrospect 5.1.1 on NT Server. All 
media was replaced with new tapes when it was returned from APS.

Is this drive just broken? Is this something that just happens 
sometimes with DDS mechanisms? Will tape drives ever be reliable?



Steve Axthelm
Mudpuppy Studios

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