I apologize for reopening a dead thread on the list, but I just 
wanted to share.

Running Retrospect 4.2 on a Quadra 950 with 40 MB RAM over built-in 
ethernet to our ASIP server, I get 13-16 MB/min.

Having moved Retrospect and the tape drive over to the server* (after 
addressing stability concerns) and upgrading to 4.3, I get 25-40 

*PowerMac 9500/132
    Using Seagate Travan tape drive (using byte-by-byte confirmation for safety)
    Tape drive connected to external built-in SCSI interface
    Initio Miles 40 MB/sec SCSI card
    7200 RPM Atlas III drives

Michael Scheurer wrote:
>on 17/8/2000 4:27 AM, Matt Barkdull  wrote:
>>  Using the built in 10BaseT    - 62MB/min
>>  Using an Asante 10/100 at 100 - 112MB/min.
>I wish I could get anywhere near this, mine tops out of about 40Mb/min even
>an a G4, mind you it's only a 2606 SCSI card with DDS3 drives, even with
>built-in SCSI on a 7300 I don't get above 40. :(
>In theory I should be getting 60Mb/min coming from our old NT server as I
>can get 1Mb/sec copying from it.

Eric Zylstra

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