In light of my most recent discovery that Dantz does not support tape drives
which use a parallel port interface, I felt like a bit of an idiot for
purchasing a parallel-connect HP Colorado 8 GB Travan drive specifically for
Retrospect backups....that is, until I discovered that Dantz does not
specify in their 'supported devices' document that they do not support the
parallel interface on any drive...and I bought that drive on the basis of
what the 'supported devices' document indicated.  As luck would have it, the
drive I bought comes as either IDE internal and parallel external.

The parallel drive worked on a specific machine (a Pentium Pro) for a long
time until the machine's parallel port gave up the ghost.  It was when I
connected the drive to a Pentium III that the drive started working

My only point here, and I know I'm taking a while to get there, is that
Dantz might want to consider being more specific regarding *which version*
of the Colorado drive it supports.  I did a search on the document for
'parallel' just in case I missed a disclaimer in the document.

I'm not looking for reimbursement or anything of the sort.  Just wanted to
warn others in case they were considering the drive I bought originally.


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