>On 8/17/00 8:53 PM, Matt Barkdull at [EMAIL PROTECTED] stated:
>>> My only point here, and I know I'm taking a while to get there, is that
>>> Dantz might want to consider being more specific regarding *which version*
>>> of the Colorado drive it supports.  I did a search on the document for
>>> 'parallel' just in case I missed a disclaimer in the document.
>> It could be that Dantz does not have the resources to test each drive
>> and unless the mfg of the drive wishes to bundle Retrospect, they
>> really don't care enough to send each software mfg a tape drive to
>> test.
>> I could see this vicious circle going around and around with this.
>> The bottom line is the bottom line though.  It takes money to
>> research it and since there are hundreds of backup devices, Dantz can
>> only hope to program for certain standards.
>I think you missed my point here.  I'm not arguing that Dantz *should
>support* parallel drives...I'm merely suggesting that if they're not going
>to support them, they should state it explicitly in all 'supported devices'
>documents so people like me don't purchase incompatible drives.

For that matter, they don't support VHS video drives and audio cassette drives with
data adapters (circa 1980). At the lower margins there are many devices that are
not supported. Common sense should provide some guideance: you get what you pay for.
Absent industry standardization, be afraid, very afraid. On the other hand, industry 
for tape are more often violated than honored, in my experience.

Dantz provides copious information on what they DO support and stands behind
their compatibility statements. Move up market on the devices you purchase and
you'll benefit both from improved performance and reliability while gaining
support from Dantz's test team. We're all paying for the support but have
to make the right hardware purchases to benefit from their efforts.

The bottom line is that purchasing the cheapest tape solution is
almost always a false economy.

Douglas K Wyman
Houston TX

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