At 1:50 PM -0400 9/22/00, Daniel Knight wrote:
>Stefan Jeglinski
>>One option FWIW is to get an old cx and run SIMS on it for your mail.
>>We actually run SIMS on Mac-on-Linux on LinuxPPC (works great). We
>>use ASIP for file sharing, but I can't imagine anyone using ASIP mail
>>for anything, it is so lame.
>Second. I've run SIMS on as low as a Mac II. Also on a IIsi, IIfx, Quadra
>650, Power Mac 6100, SuperMac J700, and iMac, both Rev. B and Blueberry
>350 MHz models. Wonderful program, great email support list, fantastic
>anti-spam features.

What is SIMS, and where can I find it/more about it?

We only use ASIPs mail for a few people. If we can move it to another 
server, I'd be happy. We have an old Mac II that is currently only 
serving as our Now Up-to-Date calendar server, we might be able to 
share the use. :)

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