What really bothers me is earlier versions had a mail management tool 
that you could look into the file with.  The nice thing was that, for 
example, my ASIP Mail file is about 60MB in size and I have no idea 
why.  I only have three users using it, one being me.  Nobody is set 
to "leave mail on server" so this file should be under 100k every 15 
minutes or so.  Older AppleShare mail had a utility to show who was 
getting all the mail and you could delete individual mail messages.

I thought about moving to Linux, but mail is a minor part of what 
that server is doing, so for me it's not really a good option. 
Everything else works perfectly and is very easy to manage.  I have 
about 50 non-mail users on that server.

>This is the main reason I dumped ASIP for Linuxppc. The mail server 
>keeps ALL the mail in a single file (which is dangerous IMO) and 
>this file cannot be backed up when busy/open, so you have to shut 
>down the mail server in order to backup and then restart it 
>afterwards. No serious enterprise would (or should) be prepared to 
>rely on such a Mickey Mouse system.
>When compared to the unix approach to mail storage (text files 
>ordered in folders that can be backed up at any time, even while it 
>is operating) it makes me wonder what planet Apple's software 
>designers live on as it surely is not the same one as me.
>Ken  G i l l e t t

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