At 10:23 AM -0700 20/9/00, Bob Durst wrote:
>I have looked thru the ASIP list archives and Dantz's site, but I 
>don't find clear directions or suggestions for backing up an 
>Appleshare server. I'm cross posting this to the ASIP list also.
>Is there a FAQ about this somewhere? I'm new to ASIP and must make 
>sure that I have good backups (and know how to restore from them!) 
>just in case of disaster. I will be running ASIP file, print, web 
>and mail services on the machine and could run RS on that machine or 
>on a separate machine as necessary. The ASIP server will be 
>servicing a small university department with about 30 clients (mix 
>of Mac and Win) with light traffic.
>I'm confused by the RS manual (version 4 third edition) since it 
>talks about scripts for stopping mail services for instance,

This is the main reason I dumped ASIP for Linuxppc. The mail server 
keeps ALL the mail in a single file (which is dangerous IMO) and this 
file cannot be backed up when busy/open, so you have to shut down the 
mail server in order to backup and then restart it afterwards. No 
serious enterprise would (or should) be prepared to rely on such a 
Mickey Mouse system.

When compared to the unix approach to mail storage (text files 
ordered in folders that can be backed up at any time, even while it 
is operating) it makes me wonder what planet Apple's software 
designers live on as it surely is not the same one as me.

Ken  G i l l e t t


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