At 10:59 2000-09-22 -0400, you wrote:
>>We have an orange an a blue iBook, both running Mac OS 8.6. The orange gets
>>4.5 MB / min and the blue one doens't like Retrospect at all!
>What exactly doesn't it like? Is it just s-l-o-w? If so, look into 
>Apple's Duplexer to force ethernet to a fixed speed and duplex setting.


After sending this mail I actually located the problem to the duplexer. I
installed one some time ago to force them to use 10 MBit all the time like
the rest of the computers. But today, a couple of months later, all but one
computer runs at 100 MBit.

We have also bought a D-Link 10/100 switch that is suppose to be more Mac
friendley than the Intel switch.

Gee... networking is close to hell sometimes! ;-) Thank Good It's Friday!!


/ jakob

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