> That must be to a harddrive? I only get 67 MB/min...but the VXA isn't
> connected to a scsi-2, just the scsi-1 "out-of-the-box" G3 desktop at about
> 233 MHz with an additional 100 MBit PCI card.

Yes, I was backing up to a hard drive. However, I know that a tape drive is
capable of similar speeds. I know for a local backup of my PowerBook to the
VXA drive on an ultra SCSI PC card I averaged 180 MB locally. This means I
should be in the mid 100s for a 100 Base T backup.

What type of speeds are you getting out of the local hard drive for backup
to the VXA drive? If it is below 120 MB/min, you might be better off going
out an buying a $100 2930 Ultra SCSI card and seeing if it increases your


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